2018 Polynesian Triangle Foundation & Training is grateful to all participants in our most recent football skills camp.  Thank you coaches, volunteers, sponsors and parents, we appreciate your love and support!  Funds raised from our football skills camp on July 21st, 2018 were used to purchase new equipment for our Northern California, Newark/Fremont Chapter of student athletes, arrived on July 27th and are being put to good use each Saturday morning at training sessions in Newark, California at Karl Nordvic Park.  Please follow Coach Mathias Vavao @mafeezy on Instagram for more information.

Lenora Hay-Muagututi'a is the Director of our "Team Trust Challenge" - Team Building Program.  We are grateful to our past participating schools, athletic programs and corporations over the past 10 years, who have all provided feed back to make our unique experience what it is today.  Please call 925-366-6852 to book your next team building activities or email

Recent Testimonials with more coming in weekly:

Head Coach Robert Uiagalelei, Lynwood HS - August 11, 2018 (Varsity & Frosh combined activities with Director Lenora - motivational talks by Lenora & Frank): "I was so proud of my young Lynwood nights freshmen squad from the coaches on down to the players as we took on the Southgate rams JV, offense put over 400plus yards and Defense had 4 int 1 safety a lot of big plays...I WANT TO GIVE A HUGE SHOUTOUT TO THE POLY TRIANGLE for their team building exercises last week, I thank you guys for those sessions cause now my guys are playing for each other with full effort I TOLD YOU FRANK THESE GUYS ARE A TOTALL DIFFERENT BETTER TEAM THANKS THANKS TO YOU AND NORA'S AND THE POLY TRIANGLE TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM..."

May 31, 2018 - Grand Canyon University (DI)- Head Beach Volleyball Coach, Kristen Rohr:

"This was a very tough year for our team, we experienced significant loss and had a lot of emotions, along with new coaches, and a huge incoming class of freshman and 5th years who didn’t really know each other. Lenora mentioned a program that she has done with other college teams that has been very beneficial. At first I was a little hesitant because we had just done a huge team building weekend camping out in the wilderness and I didn’t want it to be too much too soon. Lenora assured me it would be a great addition so I had her come in to work with my team in the beginning of our season. Lenora far exceeded my expectations and created a bond within our team that could not be replicated. She got to a deeper level that allowed the girls to learn about each other outside the beach volleyball court.  When you step on the court with someone, regardless of how long you play together it takes a lot to get someone to open up and this was something Lenora was able to do in minutes.  The experience was referred back to many times during season and we even used the cheer she taught us the entire season. Her program made an impact that these girls will take with them forever and a bond that they will forever share with this team. We will definitely be having Lenora back for future years!"

May 24, 2018 - San Jose State University - Head Volleyball Coach, Jolene Shepardson:

"Lenora made a big impact on our student athletes and their growth as not only competitors but also successful young women.  Lenora came in with a very organized plan that our players have never forgotten about.  She helped them express themselves and go through fun experiences, that helped our team chemistry and increased our on court wins the following season."

Student Athlete Testimonials:

Testimonial #1: Having Lenora work with our team this preseason really changed the vibe. For me, I did not know a lot of the girls outside of the volleyball court. She was able to break that boundary and have us open up and feel safe about it.  She  brought us closer together with the things that we felt would separate us. The stories behind each of us make us unique but it helped us come together as one and love each-other for our pasts and celebrate who we all are currently. 

Testimonial #2: Team bonding w Lenora really let us be ourselves and open up  to every single person on the team, which is something  special. Also gave us a fun cheer before every match to holler like Samoan rugby players lol 

Testimonial #3: Lenora did a really good job of forcing the team out of our comfort zones which allowed us to be authentic with each other and because of that we were able to connect on a deeper level and have a higher respect for one another 

Testimonial #4: Thank you Lenora for showing our team how to love each other through everything and helping us build our family  ❤️ without you, we would not be as close of a group. THANK YOU!!! 

Testimonial #5: The team bonding experience helped us to grow together as sisters instead of just fellow athletes. We learned about our pasts and the journey each of us took to get to be a collegiate athlete. 

Testimonial #6: The team building exercises we did really helped us come together as a team. During the activities, I learned so much more about my teammates, and who they are outside of volleyball. With this, it made our relationships as a team and family closer, to where everyone is supportive because we know how each person is similar and different.

Testimonial #7: I loved the team building experience because I felt closer to my teammates after. It required us all to be vulnerable to and open up and share things with each other that we probably wouldn't have otherwise. This deeper foundation to our relationships led to more trust between us on and off the court 

Testimonial #8: I'm really, really glad that Lenora got to come work with our team this year because of the way I felt it brought all of us together as a group. We had to get out of our comfort zones a little and understand that each of us are at different points in our lives. But through the activities we did, we were able to learn about one another in ways that would allow us to step into each other's shoes and feel what it would mean to play for each of our teammates individually and as a whole. It showed how unique our group is and how important it is for us to acknowledge the good things about our group while compensating for our weaknesses and helping one another to achieve our overall goal. And regardless of whether we reached that goal, we still love one another and do so even more now after the activities we did with Lenora. 

Testimonial #9: Typically, teams of every sport take time to physically get back into the routine and mentally get to know the new additions to the team. This year, our team was able to get into a groove quickly thanks to Lenora. With the combination of inspiring, embarrassing, and serious words and activities that she lead us through,  I felt myself being able to open up when the time came. Vulnerability builds bonds and I've never felt more rewarded than being able to open up to my team and grow closer as a family.

Please Download Camp Registration form HERE

Camp Fee Use:

Funds raised assist in purchasing training equipment for local student-athletes as well as support them in attending college visits and camps.

In 2016 & 2017, we took two groups to UCLA, USC, UNLV, University of California, Stanford, San Jose State University. In addition to college visits, student athletes had the opportunity to participate in a

7 on 7 camp for student athlete exposure as well as the Oakland Nike Football Combine.

Mahalo to all of the athletes who participated in our Maui 2018 Football Training Camp!  We will take student athletes on another college trip and exposure camp in March/April 2019.  Please save the date for our next Football Skills Camp in Maui in May/June 2019.

See photos featured in Maui News HERE.



Our Mission: Polynesian Triangle Foundation & Training was founded to assist all student athletes to obtain higher education & athletic goals.



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Polynesian Triangle Training


The Polynesian Triangle Foundation & Training provides world-class athletic training for student athletes aspiring to pursue college opportunities through excellence in the classroom and on the field/court.  Our training also includes mental preparation, motivational activities, including our "Team Trust Challenge."

Our founders are all of Polynesian ancestry.  The Polynesian Triangle is comprised of 17 million miles of the Pacific ocean and our ancestors voyaged with purpose in their va'a (canoe): Hawaii at the North; Rapa Nui (Easter Island to the East) and Aotearoa (New Zealand to the South). Our wayfinders journeyed with purpose, enjoying their journey, sharing skills in navigation of stars, currents of our ocean and making many decisions that would ultimately determine their own destiny. 

In the same spirit of our ancestors who pass on their rich oral history our team Polynesian Triangle Foundation & Training weaves in values of hard work, integrity, leadership and a firm belief that Decisions Determine Destiny. We strive to empower student athletes to live and make choices on purpose and with purpose and understand each choice they make can bring them closer to their full potential. 

Founded by former college & professional football player and coach, Halakilangi Muagututi'a, we are currentlygui Director, Lenora Hay-Muagututi'a, the Polynesian Triangle Foundation & Training provides student athletes with comprehensive mentorship opportunities.


Service Subtitle


Founder - not actively participating at this time


  • 2007-2009 - University of Texas El Paso, El Paso, TX – Masters Degree, Leadership Studies

  • 2006-2007 - University of Texas El Paso, El Paso, TX – Bachelors Multi-Disciplinary Studies

  • 1995-1998 – University of Texas El Paso, El Paso, TX – pursuing Bachelors Degree

  • 1993-1995 – Mt. San Antonio Jr. College, Walnut, CA - AA Degree in Liberal Arts

  • 1989-1993 – Paramount High School, Paramount, CA – H.S. Diploma

The leagues Halakilangi Muagututia has played in or tried out for:

Regional Football League: Mobile Admirals (Ala.) 1998

Canadian Football League: Toronto Argonauts, 1998

Spring Football League: Los Angeles Dragons, 2000

XFL: Chicago Enforcers, 2001

NFL: San Francisco 49ers, 2001

Arena Football League: Chicago Rush (2003) and Las Vegas Gladiators (2003, 2004)

arenafootball2: Mobile Wizards (2002), Central Valley Coyotes (Fresno, Calif.) 2004 and Hawaiian Islanders 2004


  • Eagle Scout

  • 1st Team All WAC

  • UTEP MVP 1997

  • 1st Team All Mission Conference

  • AFCA Member

  • Honor Roll Student from 2006-2009

Coaching Experience 


Current President & Head Coach

Current President and Founder of our "Team Trust Challenge" program for more details please see our testimonies above. 

Lenora recently took over the President & Head Coaching position for our foundation and is grateful for the many student athletes, parents and coaches who support her in this role.

With four children of her own, including two student athlete graduates from college with Bachelor's & Master's Degrees, as well as two young student athletes both currently holding 4.0 GPAs in middle school, she is grateful to share her first hand experience as an academic coach, coach, parent, mentor and advocate for student athletes, parents, coaches and administrations in the process of preparing for education and most importantly life after sports.


Head Coach - Northern CA, Newark/Fremont

Mathias Keali'ikoa Iulai Vavao - coach "VEE"


Newark Memorial HS class of 92'

Chabot Jr. College- AA degree. General Studies 1995'

Murray State University 1995-1997- BA degree. Commerce and Leadership 2017'


Defensive Tackle

1995 & 1996 back to back Ohio Valley Conference Champions (16-0 conf. 22-2 in two seasons)

All Ohio Valley Conference Defensive Tackle 1996

Defensive End

Chabot Jr. College 1992-1994

All Golden Gate Conference Defensive End 1994

Running Back/Linebacker

Newark Memorial HS 1989-1992

All MVAL Utility 1992


1997-98 Undrafted Free Agent; Atlanta Falcons NFL

1998-2000 Iowa Barnstormers OL/DL Arena Football League (AFL)

2000-2002 Houston Thunderbears AFL OL/DL(#9 overall Expansion draft)

2002-2004 L.A. Avengers AFL Fullback/Linebacker


2015 to present: Polynesian Triangle Training

2011-2014: DL/Asst. Head Coach; Newark Memorial HS. 2012 MVAL Champs (1st championship in 35yrs)

2010: Ofensive Line; Chabot Jr. College

2006-2009: Asst. Head Coach/Director of Player Personnel; Stockton Lightning Arena Football2

Hometown: Newark California. Married to Mary Vavao with three children: Demi 25, Ezra15 and Esaia 12


Head Coach - Northern CA, Hayward Team


Hayward High School 2001

Chabot College 2001-2003

San Jose State University 2003-2008

Defensive Line - End & Tackle

Coaching Career:

Chabot College 2011-2013

Hometown: Laie, Hawaii.  Married to City College's finest Ramona Vae


This is Your Service Subtitle

We are dedicated to helping young people set goals, increase leadership and make decisions to help them take control of their destiny. Our training program is dedicated to building a sense of community among our student athletes, their families and the community.


Awarded by Maui Police Department Summer Youth Leadership Program - "Favorite Instructor - 2015"

Maui Relay for Life Teams - 2015, 2016 & 2017


Team Building

Our Why: Decisions Determine Destiny - we believe each choice and decision to act on that choice determines our destiny. 

Who we are: We are the best team building company to promote trust and inspire genuine connections in a short amount of time, specifically designed to meet the needs of each team.  

How:  We provide you a form to share areas you want to focus on for improvement within your team. 

In example: 

·         How satisfied are you with your present team building or trust building system? 

·         Are you satisfied with your present team building system, but would like to switch it up? 

·         How satisfied are you with the amount of time and effort it currently takes to “break the ice,” gain trust as a foundation and build to strengthen your team’s unified bond?

·         What opportunities for growth are you experiencing with your team in this area? In example: communication, trust, consistency, focus, positive communication, deeper bonding etc.

·         We use this information to inspire & engage people in exercises that provoke deep internal insights & empathy for others, which is imperative to a foundation for team working together. 

Our carefully crafted, unique cultural and scripted exercises create genuine connections between people & promote the experience of belonging to a trusted unit, family & team. 

·         Improves Behavior – Team

·         Trust Challenge improves social & emotional health, thereby reducing behavioral problems & increasing motivation and productivity in academics, athletics & overall in life. 

·         Reliable – Our program is carefully designed to close gaps that exist between coaches, players & teammates, create tighter bonds for a life time, believe in themselves & trust in their unified team.  

Benefits after a Team Building Challenge: 

·         Break down barriers to create open communication 

·         Align teams to a common goal, mission and vision to compete at their fullest potential to dominate 

·         Improve communication and trust through genuine connections 

·         Accelerate productivity within the team and more importantly in life 

·         Unexpected Leaders are revealed throughout participation in our activities.

·         Leadership is about knowing when to step up and lead and when to step back and support your teammates.  

Team building has never been so efficient & effective with unity through diversity. Teams will discover the whole bound together is greater and more powerful than the sum of all its individual parts. 

Our ultimate goals is to save you time by facilitating your team building activity, influencing positive change in the areas you specifically request in quickest time possible.  We also want to join you in preparing student athletes for life, combining your focus points along with our motto, “Decisions Determine Destiny,” changing the world together one life at a time. 



As featured in Maui News, "Halakilangi Frank Muagututia has been on Maui for less than two years, but his impact on the island’s high school football scene has been immediate — and large." Read more news coverage of Polynesian Triangle Foundation & Training's programming and people here.



May 5, 2017

(Maui, HI) - Halakilangi Frank Muagututia has been on Maui for less than two years, but his impact on the island’s high school football scene has been immediate — and large.

The man known as “Hala” to his friends on the Valley Isle created Polynesian Triangle Foundation & Training in Northern California, and since his move, the organization has helped two Maui football players gain NCAA Division I scholarships — Maui High School linebacker Feleti Afemui, who signed with Vanderbilt in February, and Makana Fraser, who attended King Kekaulike before moving to the Big Island and will be a senior linebacker in the fall at Texas-El Paso. {excerpt}



By Matt Kawahara  | October 31, 2017

BRADENTON, Fla. - As Raiders safety Shalom Luani made his first NFL start on Sunday at Buffalo, one of his former junior college coaches was combing the airwaves in Maui, searching for a broadcast or live stream of the game.

Halakilangi Frank Muagututia is a former defensive back who played at UTEP and briefly in the XFL and Arena Football League. Muagututia is of Samoan descent - like Luani, who hails from American Samoa - and was coaching at Chabot College in Hayward when Luani arrived in 2012.

Luani, Muagututia recalled Tuesday, caught his eye for two reasons. One, most of the Samoan players whom Muagututia had worked with were linemen or linebackers - not fellow safeties. Two, Luani possessed foot speed beyond what Muagututia typically saw in kids from the island.

“When I first saw him - my wife even tells me this, she says I told her this kid, he has a chance to make the NFL,” Muagututia said in a phone call.

Drafted in the seventh round by the Raiders in June, Luani made the 53-man roster out of camp and started Sunday in place of injured Karl Joseph. Luani played 68 of a possible 69 defensive snaps and 16 snaps on special teams, making him the most active Raider in a 34-14 loss to the Bills. Entering the game, he had played five defensive snaps all season.

Luani finished with six tackles. According to Pro Football Focus, he was targeted in coverage five times and allowed three catches for 52 yards with one pass defensed.

Fleet Afemui.jpg


February 2, 2017

(Maui, HI) - The pride of Maui High School, student-athlete Feleti Afemui, made his decision to attend Vanderbilt University next fall on a football scholarship official Tuesday, signing a National Letter of Intent before a classroom full of family, friends and faculty...Despite being overwhelmed with emotion, the 6-foot, 3-inch, 225-pound Afemui stood up and thanked everyone, starting with God first, for all the blessings that have come his way.

“I want to thank Coach Hala (Halakilangi Frank Muagututia), for providing me the opportunities that I had, and I want to thank Maui High and its staff, Coach (Keith) Shirota for being a great coach to me throughout the years. I would also like to thank my teachers, and my linebacker coach, Coach Lono (Kaina), for believing in us and helping us. I would also like to thank the rest of the Maui High coaches and my teammates, because I wouldn’t have had the fun that I had playing without them.

“I would also like to thank my family, my church, my friends, my cousins, and everybody in this room right now. I can’t thank you all enough for all the love and support that I’ve received from all of you throughout the years. And last, but not least, the most important of all, here before God, I want to thank my grandmother.”

Honolulu Star Advertiser.jpg


June 19, 2004

(Honolulu, HI) - The wife of Hawaiian Islanders newcomer Halakilangi Muagututia is scheduled to have the couple's first child in late August.

But instead of wanting her husband close to home in Concord, Calif., Lenora told him to leave the Central Valley Coyotes (Fresno, Calif.), travel across the Pacific Ocean and play for the Islanders.

"She was the main one who made me come here," said Muagututia, whose wife works for Aloha Airlines in Oakland. "She's my agent. She calls all the teams and flies me out for tryouts."

Muagututia played in nine games this season for Central Valley and was second on the team with 27 tackles, but he and his wife said they felt he had a better chance of playing at a higher level if he switched teams. He said the Coyotes head coaching change early last week from Cree Morris to Fred Biletnikoff Jr. didn't influence his decision to leave.